Media campaigns reveal that the power to change an election outcome is in voter numbers. is a proposal to facilitate interactive youth engagement for new registered voters. The platform educates young voters about the importance of voting and role of a public office holder. Voting decisions impact public wellbeing for healthcare, climate change, higher education, taxes and more.
Your Vote's  social media campaign connects young voters to share their own political stories.
Educating new voter is the first step towards their civic duty.
Navigating through the platform, young voters broaden their election vocabulary. Detailed candidate profiles with qualifications are available to learn about ideal candidate selection. Voters learn the difference between and purpose of candidate promotion events - caucus, panel discussions, Q&A forums, impactful town hall meetings. Voting options for how and where to vote offer ballot options and voting locations.
The platform also inspires youth about how to run for public office setting future political ambitions.
Accessibility design allows for voiceover and visual descriptions. Downloadable assets are available for information and awareness.
Design development The color palette is naturally drawn from national colors. Here red symbolizes valor, white stands for purity and blue represents justice. Pattern selection is based on the study of Old Glory to emphasize shape identity. The stars represent 50 states and the stripes represent the 13 original colonies.
Community events are integrated with thematic designs in colors, patterns, party focused activities for panel discussions and debates.
Device based responsive adaptations follow a well defined grid.
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