What makes a book design?
Content review and research is the first and foremost educative process towards design planning for a publishing project. The creative essentials are driven by theme, reader age group and sales - school and library; mass market like coffee table, graphic novels, research and hobby, lifestyle, sports, recreation, fact, fiction and more.
The Template.
The template clearly communicates the subject of a publishing project. Grid, hierarchy and visual balance direct the page, spread and series layout. Font selection outlines the mood and tone. Text styles, body copy, quotes and highlighted facts together bring content to life. Images and illustrations visually connect the information. Cover design is inspired by title, art, sales and marketing. All inclusive a single book or series design meets the publisher goals.
Fun Facts.
Facts, pop-ups, quotes, timelines and trivia add the necessary break in a grid template. These additional elements highlight fun facts, interesting/entertaining information and important data.
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