InHabitat, Re-engineering the Forest. Pulp revisits paper mill pastures, at Lake Houston Wilderness Park.
The Southeastern Texas tree line was replaced with the profitable Loblolly pines. These commercially viable pines provided support for paper mills, lumber industry and landscaping.
Set within the urban surroundings of City of Houston, Pulp curates this natural habitat.
Strolling through the Piney Woods Trails, a logger visits a renewed future, as the trees return to nature. The same trees that the logger fell are reborn. The birds and bears are returning home.
Pine to pulp,
Defining a self-repairing and renewal resilient nature.
pulp to paper,
Reshaping a sustainable and dynamic nature.
back to nature.
The Goldfinch migrate from Northern Americas to down south Texas and Mexico for the sweet gum ball seeds.
Pulp re-engineers the forest with Specimens on the Trail. Landmarked specimens guide the nature walker around Lake Houston Wilderness Park to explore park history; information about native plants, wildlife and enjoy recreational activities built around hiking trails, canoe rides and seasonal fishing.
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